There Are 4 Insects Hidden In This Pic. Can You Find Them All?

Are you someone who likes solving puzzles or finding hidden things in a picture? Are you someone who is not afraid of insects and gets excited by the idea of discovering new things about them? You have arrived at the right place, then. The official page of Bronx Zoo, one of the largest zoos in the United States, has shared a video on its Twitter and Instagram accounts and it’s fun to discover insects camouflaged among the leaves and branches of plants.
Sharing the video on Friday, Bronx Zoo asked if you can find the hidden insects in all the pics the clip contained. “Follow along and let us know what you see. Hope you can join us at Eric Carle’s World of Wildlife and see which puppets, performances and activities you discover throughout the Bronx Zoo,” the post read.

The task of finding insects in the video is divided into three stages. In the first stage, featuring a photograph, the video asks: “What do you see?” It gives you seven seconds to guess after which it answers the question. The next two stages are also similar to the first one, asking you to answer if you can find what’s hidden in the picture.

While the first pic has only one insect, the other two have four cleverly-camouflaged bugs each.

It would spoil the fun for you if we wrote the answers here, but here’s the post and you can try it yourself.

Instagram users loved the guessing game and commented on the post. The post has racked up hundreds of ‘likes’ and comments.

User Noe Yoshino simply wrote, “So fun!”

“Love it,” said another Instagram user, @bethanddesi.

Luana Little thought it was a “great camouflage.”